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Choosing the Best Power Chair or Scooter For Your Needs

As mobility declines due to age or medical needs, many people turn to wheelchairs to get around, but these can be uncomfortable and difficult to maneuver. A powerchair or scooter is a better alternative for many reasons. Comfortable, portable, and easy to use, caregivers and users alike can realize a better quality of life with them.

How to Choose the Best Option For Your Needs

The choice about which to buy comes down to comfort, the specific needs of the person who will sit in it, and how the chair will be used. These four top models provide solutions for many people.

V19A Power Chair -- This model offers sufficient comfort for a lot of usage with a small silhouette for easy manuevering and portability. It looks like a regular chair with a comfotable foot rest, powerful motor, and convenient caregiver controls at the back.

V19P with joystick controls -- For users who need medical assistance for getting around, but still have the ability to control their trip, the V19P scooter offers joystick controls on the right arm. The same padded chair adds comfort to every use and the easy-to-use joystick makes piloting it simple. It folds up easily so the user can go on car trips with family or friends.

Tango 18 -- For those who require or prefer a more classic wheelchair style, the Tango models offer comfortable sling seating, secure footrest, and sturdy armrests. The convenient controls on the back allow a nurse, family member, or anyone else to pilot the chair without pushing hard or wrestling with handles to turn. This provides a smoother and easier ride for everyone involved.

Tango 22 -- With all the comfort and power of the Tango 18 model, the Tango 22 suits users up to 400 pounds. This chair provides security and stability for larger and bariatric users.

The decision to switch to a powerchair for an elderly, infirm, or disabled person can open up a whole new world of possibilities. Not only will the anxiety about falls or getting stuck reduce, the user regains some excitement in their lives. For a person who could not go out to dinner with family anymore, or down the hall to visit a friend, or avoided needed doctor visits due to fear of falling, a scooter means a big change.

For a caregiver, the focus rests on how simple and carefree moving one of these motorized chairs can be. For the person who uses one, the comfort and freedom of regained mobility will change their lives.

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