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What You Need to Know About Travel With Mobility Scooters

There is no doubt that mobility scooters help people get around and enjoy life as they get older or more infirm. They can open up a whole new world of travel that might have been ignored due to problems walking or with balance. Now anyone can ride safely and in comfort through national parks, city theater districts, train stations, cruise ships, and airports.

Car Travel

Heading out to visit family or friends or attend a local event is simple with a foldable mobility scooter or power chair. While some models may require a larger truck or van, many fold up small enough to easily fit into a standard sized trunk or hatchback.

Train Travel

Trains frequently have size limitations on the motorized chairs and transport devices used in their cars. However, major carriers need to provide access to disabled people who depend on mobility devices. Most large train stations will provide assistance with boarding and disembarking from the train if the platform level differs from the access point of if there is a considerable gap.

Cruise Travel

Mobility scooters and wheelchairs with electric motors are no problem on cruise ships. Wide corridors make navigating easy and all dining rooms and event areas should be accessible. Some even offer the opportunity to rent scooters on the ship.

Plane Travel

There is no doubt that a powered scooter makes navigating a large airport much easier for those with mobility issues. Taking it on the plane is another matter. Give the airline at least 48 hours notice and make sure to learn all their regulations for the specific type of chair. They usually get checked with the luggage and will be delivered back to the user near the luggage carousel in the destination airport.

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