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Choosing an Adequate Mobility Scooter or Powerchair

Whether a loved one or a client is suffering from lack of mobility and is having a much harder time getting around than before, finding an adequate scooter or power chair can make life much better. Not only will the user be able to regain the ability to move about more comfortably and be more involved in life, the proper chair will make it easier for the nurse or caregiver to safely and comfortably work with them.

Choosing an adequate motorized chair depends entirely on the person who will be using it, their height and weight, and their ability to move and maintain balance.

Questions to Ask When Finding an Adequate Option

What style of power chair structure will work best? Some look almost exactly like wheelchairs with a motor underneath and optional hand controls at the back. These, like the Tango 18 model, provide a more secure seat for the user without sacrificing mobility. Others look more like smaller folding chairs, like the V19 models.

What controls make the most sense for the user? Two options exist. If the person who will be using the scooter can safely navigate on their own, choose a model with an easy to use joystick controller. These controls allow the nurse or health aide to pilot the chair comfortably from behind. This saves them a lot of tiring work.

How will the chair be used on a regular basis? If the person who needs the chair resides in an assisted living facility or at home with constant care, the chair should be comfortable enough for continuous use. If the person also goes out regularly with family or friends or travels, a smaller size might be more convenient. All powerchairs offered here fold up for easy transportation.

Would a Caregiver Powerchair Be The Best Choice?

To expand on the second question above, the option of buying one of the caregiver models of mobility chair might be the best choice even if the user is still semi-independent. At some point, the person will need assistance navigating through their home, facility, or a crowd, and they tire more quickly than when they were younger.

These controls, such as those on the V19 and Tango models, take away the need to grasp the handles and use your strength and body weight to pilot chair. Instead, the simple controls allow the nurse to easily maneuver it forward and back and smoothly around corners.

When choosing an adequate powerchair or scooter, many factors should be taken into account. It all comes down to the individual person who will be using the chair, there are particular abilities and needs, and the needs and comfort of those who will be caring for them.

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