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Is a Power Wheelchair or Mobility Scooter Right For You?

As old age or infirmity steals a person's independence and ability to move around freely as they used to, the discussion about buying mobility scooters or power chairs may arise. These two types of assistance devices serve different purposes and are recommended for people with different needs. Explore several different criteria to determine which you, your loved one, or client should use.

The first decision to make is whether the person will be helped by this type of machine or not. For someone who simply cannot walk as far anymore or who is a bit unsteady and a fall risk, a regular wheelchair or walker may be a better fit. If mobility is more compromised or the person does not have the strength or ordination to propel themselves manually, someone needs to make a choice between device options in order to keep the person engaged with life.

Are Mobility Scooters The Right Choice For You?

Scooters provide a safe and comfortable place for the person to sit, and a sturdy base for stability and to house the motor. They are more like vehicles than wheelchairs in many cases, although this does not mean they are large or bulky. People primarily use these outdoors and around large venues like shopping malls or entertainment complexes.

Some scooters fold easily for transport in a car or truck so the elderly or infirm person can get out with the family and go to events or shopping without trouble. Bulkier models are frequently used as fair weather transport to and from local shops or friends' houses.

These are ideal for people who can walk distances by themselves and get on the scooter safely. Most have joystick controls the rider uses themselves, so the ability to navigate, steer, and handle these controls is necessary for safe operation. Some caregiver models also come with controls behind the seat so the family member or health aide accompanying the rider can pilot it instead.

Are Power Chairs The Right Choice For You?

People who have less mobility and to spend a larger part of their day seated may benefit more from powered chairs than scooters. Although both types and many models are quite comfortable, electric wheelchairs offer a more traditional style seat that can offer more support and comfort to the person sitting on it. These provide the best option for people who use them indoors on a regular basis.

Most models of these are also foldable for easy transport and storage. Individuals with mobility issues benefit from getting out of their room or home and visiting friends, going to events like the movies or concert, or taking a walk through a local park garden. A motorized chair allows for this type of use without being too large or unwieldy or at home use as well.

These may be easier for caregivers to help their elderly patient into and out of safely. There are more bariatric options for larger individuals when it comes to our chairs as well.

When a friend, family member, or client loses the ability to walk securely and comfortably throughout their house or on outings, a decision must be made whether to get mobility scooters or power chairs to help them maintain a great standard of living. Each type of assistance device has its benefits and disadvantages. The decision is unique to the individual.

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