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Accessories For Your Power Chair or Mobility Scooter

If you or a loved one uses power chairs or mobility scooters to get around on a regular basis, there are several types of accessories on the market that will make the experience much more comfortable and convenient. Which you choose depends largely on what type of chair you have, what you use it for, and where you go with it. Consider these four types of helpful accessories when you purchase or upgrade the motorized chair used to increase mobility and independence.

1 – Extra Storage Bags and Backpacks

A pickup truck has a bed in the back of the car has a trunk. If you use a chair or scooter to get around, you need extra storage options as well. These accessories range from large, backpack style sacks that hang on the back of the chair to smaller saddlebag options conveniently located near the arm. The rider may access the bag or some types can only be accessed by the individual or a caregiver not sitting in the chair at the time.

2 – Convenient Trays and Baskets

If you sit in a wheelchair or other motorized device a large portion of the day or use them for regular transport in the house or an assisted living facility, there are some items you will need to have on hand at all times. These may include a cup or bottle of water, your room keys, a small box of tissues, or other items. A secure tray, basket, or bin can clip onto the power chair's arm support.

3 – Safety Flags and Reflectors

People who use mobility scooters outside need to focus on safety. A tall, flexible stick with a red flag on the top helps drivers and people walking by see you more clearly. Reflectors are necessary if you ever go out in the early morning, twilight, or night.

4 – Canopies and Umbrellas

Another excellent option for those who use power chairs or scooters outside are waterproof canopies and umbrellas that can clamp onto the frame. These also make wonderful sun shades if you want to sit outside and enjoy the garden but do not want to be exposed to the heat of the sun.

Other types of accessories exist for power chairs and mobility scooters. Explore the whole range of options to turn this necessary ability tool into a more comfortable and pleasant experience whenever you use it.

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