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Mobility Scooters and Power Chairs Offer Surprising Mental Health Benefits

In home care settings, assisted living facilities, and skilled nursing care centers across the country, many elderly and infirm people struggle with the aging process and diminishing independence. Although a lot goes undiagnosed, depression and a general feeling of uselessness can cause quality-of-life issues for older people. Doctors give tips to increase happiness and sense of worth and it might be surprising to learn that mobility scooters and power chairs can help with almost all of them.


One of the first things to disappear when someone loses mobility is their independence. The right motorized scooter or wheelchair can help a person regain the ability to do many things they enjoyed throughout their life. Instead of calling a family member or friend to pick up items at the store, self-propelled power chairs allow the person to get up and go and do their shopping on their own.


Too many elderly or mobility-challenged individuals stay at home because they did do not have the ability or confidence to get out and interact with people anymore. With foldable power chairs, it becomes much easier for them to hang out with friends and go on outings with family as they could not manage before. Staying connected with people you care about and have fun with definitely gives a great boost mental health.


Feeling forgotten, unimportant, and unwanted or all unfortunate struggles of many elderly and disabled people that negatively affect their mental health. If mobility is restored with a motorized wheelchair or scooter, it opens up a whole world of possibilities for engaging with others and finding a purpose in life.

This can encompass anything from attending religious services to volunteering to getting outside and feeding the birds. Any positive strides forward that engage the heart and mind of people with mobility issues can come from the introduction of the right mobility scooters or powered wheelchair into their lives.

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