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Maximize Comfort in Power Chairs and Mobility Scooters

Modern power chairs and mobility scooters are much more comfortable than wheelchairs were many years ago. However, for the elderly, infirm, or disabled people must use them on a regular basis, maintaining proper support, stability, and comfort are necessary. Not only will the person feel better while sitting in the chair for a longer period of time, certain things will help prevent pressure sores, stiff joints, and other aches and pains.

Choose the Right Power Chairs From the Start

One of the most important ways to maximize comfort in a motorized wheelchair or scooter is to pick one that suits the person's body type, size, and needs most specifically. The chairs come in multiple types. Some, like our Tango models, have more traditional wheelchair-style seats. Others, like the V series, have molded seats that offer additional support and contouring.

Use Cushions and Supports the Right Away

Although the mobility scooters we recommend have cushioning of their own and are quite comfortable, some users may appreciate something extra. Seat cushions are quite popular and come in many different thicknesses. Other options include lumbar support, side cushions to keep the rider from shifting or slumping to the side, and extra cushions for the chair arms. These can be quite important for comfort if the person using the scooter is quite elderly and has delicate skin.

Accessories Help Improve Overall Comfort

A large part of the comfort that comes when using mobility scooters or power chairs has to do with how much easier they make tasks around the home or out in public. An ambulatory person can quickly walk to the water cooler for a drink whenever they want. Carrying a tote bag or purse feels very natural. However, for people who primarily use motorized personal transport to get around, these things can be a challenge.

Thankfully, the market offers everything from a secure cup holder to saddle bags for the motorized chair. Some, like the VPS7, come with a canopy, while others can benefit from an attached umbrella or sunshade. Proper clothing, such as a poncho instead of a bulky jacket, can also greatly improve the comfort levels of the person using a power chair or scooter.

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