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Afikim - super strong vehicle with an advanced ergonomic design

Originally Posted on January 22, 2016

Afikim is a powerful electric vehicle designed for service and maintenance personnel with its impressive carrying capacity and manoeuvring capabilities. Afiscooter-M is a super strong vehicle with an advanced ergonomic design to handle loads of up to 300 kg / 661 lb. Equipped with an extremely large loading surface, long travel range, and superb traction, the Afiscooter-M also allows for particularly easy steering and a smooth driving experience in a variety of environments including: corridors, service elevators, warehouses and narrow passages. The independent suspension system and the orthopedic Seat guarantee comfort throughout a full working day.

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I Am the HME Industry - Bret Tracy

Originally Posted on DECEMBER 7, 2015
By Medtrade International Trade Show and Conference News

SIMPSONVILLE, SC – After a dozen years with Pride Mobility, and almost three with MK Battery, Bret Tracy, ATP, knows mobility. Knowledge gained from the venerable companies convinced the industry veteran to take a national sales manager post at VitaMobilityWerks (VMW Scooters), Simpsonville, SC, a new scooter seller that is free from the entanglements of Medicare.

“We are targeting niche, cash-pay markets,” says Tracy, who began at VMW in June of this year. “I am literally fed up with hearing the words, ‘competitive bidding, allowables, audits, and CMS.’ They have not done our industry any justice at all."

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Campus Safety

Campus Safety Magazine

Originally Posted on 04:55 PM, NOVEMBER 24, 2015
By Campus Safety Magazine

Vita Mobility Werks (VMW), with its Forza Public Safety division, provides mobility solutions designed to meet an increasingly important challenge across society today: the speed of safety. We offer a fleet of high quality, commercial grade electric vehicles that help individuals mobilize quickly, move swiftly, and command a strong physical presence to serve and protect.

At VMW, we believe our society is in the midst of a transportation revolution. The public safety landscape is changing by the minute, the urban environment is expanding and resource restrictions are a reality. VMW’s Forza Series was formed to address these very issues. By providing a comprehensive line of electric vehicles, we are helping campuses adequately and efficiently deliver on the safety promises ensured by institutions across the country.

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The Verge

The weird cop cars of IACP

Originally Posted on 01:45 PM, OCTOBER 31, 2015
By Russell Brandom

This week, police from across the world gathered in Chicago for the International Association of Chiefs of Police conference, essentially CES for weird law enforcement tech. And since cops love weird cars too, that included a number of interesting, exotic and downright bizarre vehicles, from these Forza electric scooters to a pair of gyrocopters that are apparently being used to patrol Somerset County, Kentucky.

Of course, like a lot of car shows, there's a strong element of aspiration to the whole thing. Most police departments can't afford emission-detecting Teslas, and when it comes time to replace their fleet, they'll opt with the same solid black-and-white Fords and Dodges you see everywhere. But thanks to IACP, if they decide to get an electric post-Segway or a 30-foot mobile command center, they'll know exactly who to call. We can always dream....

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The Verge

Chip previews the Ride & Drive event at this year’s Police Fleet Expo

Originally Posted on 11:22 AM, AUGUST 18, 2015
By Trisha Bee

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